Scrolling can offer publishers, advertisers and media planners with key insights for content and media planning strategy, says a report from Add This, a company providing solutions for targeted content engagement for brands, publishers and advertisers to drive more clicks, follows and shares since 2006.

The Wednesday Update Including New Twitter Ad Services, Social Travel Success and Bouncing Sharers How long visitors spend on your corporation’s social media channels is the subject of a new report from Add This.

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Companies may be obsessed with the number of likes they have, but today marketing is all about attracting and then retaining a visitor so they see your corporation’s content.

i OS Users Scroll and Engage More Across Social Networks When a user scrolls through longer articles across your web pages it is a strong sign that they are interested in your content.

The company also expanded offerings of recommended content and made improvements to its analytics dashboard. Engaging Your Audience: Avoid Random Acts (of Content) The proliferation of Web technology and social networks has forever changed the marketing landscape. In recent years, we’ve become conditioned to believe that technology has fundamentally changed the rules of marketing. Add This community manager Ifdy Perez follows hashtags on relevant topics and contributes to the conversation when it makes sense.

Add This Pivots From Social Shares To Publisher Content, Analytics Social bookmarking mainstay Add This has rolled out an online marketplace to help online publishers serve more targeted and relevant content to their visitors. 1 on desktop, with 190.3 million unique visitors, while Add This topped the Ad Focus ranking with a U. In some tech startup markets, hashtags are a great way to keep track of the pulse of the city.

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Add This Helps Online Dating Brands Target Their Niche Audience The dating industry is a competitive place, especially for new voices, and some businesses struggle to attract a loyal following on the web.

Content Engagement: 10 Reasons Why Scrolling Matters The need for ways to measure “real” online engagement has never been more urgent.

To effectively reach consumers in today’s fragmented media landscape, advertisers and publishers need a deeper understanding of which content resonates when, and on what device.

Report Identifies Scrolling as a Key Metric for Content and Media Optimization Add This announced the results of its quarterly content engagement and social sharing analysis of online behavior trends across the open web.