Many of those boys go on to become “heterosexual” male stars, all because they gave up the ass for a shot at fame.

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No further rumors about Will Smith were disseminated.

Within only two days, a challenge to Hollywood’s elite seemed completely squashed. Through submitting to hazing rituals and having gay blackmail hanging over them, they are slaves to the Hollywood elite who give them fame and money in exchange for their complete compliance, including having to display stupid Illuminati symbols in music videos and photo shoots.

He must satisfy his masters by helping their leftist agenda in order to receive a reward.

We can only guess what private rituals Di Caprio had to submit to before becoming a top contender for the award—which he did win—especially when he was a child actor, and what gay rumor will come out about him if he ever calls for a boycott against the Oscars.

All the actors and singers that you may respect, whose views you may actually allow to influence you, have traded their dignity and their souls for fame and money.

All the “masculine” Hollywood actors you like watching in films have certainly been sodomized or privately humiliated.When actors go off the rails, or refuse to submit to the demands of their bosses, “rumors” are leaked that destroy their reputation and acting jobs are withheld from them.What I think happened is that Will Smith’s “owners” gave Alexis the information to publish in exchange for later favors while making it appear as a “leak.” But if you examine the final three sentences of the Facebook post above, it’s easy to see how those words are coming from the men who write Smith’s paycheck, warning him to get his wife in line immediately. Not even half a day later, she the Academy for their response.The main reason people are being burned instead of embalmed?Cremation is a lot cheaper, costing a third as much as a regular burial.I fully denounce Hollywood and their liberalism, their communism, their social justice, and their faggotry.