He says he's already been monitoring one victim who paid more than 12 hours ago and has yet to receive a decryption key.

Despite the giant footprint of the attack, which leveraged a leaked NSA-created Windows hacking technique to infect more than 200,000 systems across 150 countries, malware analysts say poor choices on the part of Wanna Cry's creators have limited both its scope and profit.

Those errors include building in a web-based "kill-switch" that cut short its spread, unsavvy handling of bitcoin payments that makes it far easier to track the hacker group's profits, and even a shoddy ransom function in the malware itself.

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Over the weekend, a new version of Wanna Cry appeared with a different "kill switch" address.

Dubai-based security researcher Matt Suiche registered that second domain almost immediately, cutting short the spread of that adapted version of the malware, too.

Instead, cybersecurity investigators see in the recent meltdown a sloppy cybercriminal scheme, one that reveals amateur mistakes at practically every turn.

As the unprecedented ransomware attack known as Wanna Cry (or Wcrypt) unfolds, the cybersecurity community has marveled at the inexplicable errors the malware's authors have made.

Instead, Williams says, it randomly provides one of four answers—three fake error messages or a fake "decryption" message.

If the hackers are decrypting anyone's files, Williams believes it's through a manual process of communication with victims via the malware's "contact" button, or by arbitrarily sending decryption keys to a few users to give victims the illusion that paying the ransom does free their files.

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