i follow your instruction to do the payment for the items i purchase from your store, but didn't received any goods and even didn't reply the email i send to your customer service. Online company wanted to “split” the loss because they were “slighted” too.The online store is Home & Garden, website is 40.96 was taken out of my school account without knowing who you are and I know I did not make any purchases in the last month. This is enough fraud against me and I am not playing. DO NOT order from Eldon-Associates and if you see a charge from Zimaotong on your card ... is not from UK its in the USA and we do hve lawyer now who gone take care of all our cases.

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About a month later I received 3 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from this place in China which I did not order. Maybe someone in the India company is dealing in fraud with a store in China?

I want to k ow who this merchant is because i got charge 57.00 gir them and an other 1.67 for finacal charges on my card no phone number or address to contact them Please let me k ow as soon as possable.

I've had recurring charges showing up for about 4 months now to ULTIMATEGEAR 18665994303 AND haven't been able to get an explanation for what this is. I called it and apparently a product that I ordered several months from GROUPON had an automatic monthly subscription that I was not aware of.....a Teeth Whitening Kit.

Luckily I was able to cancel but no luck getting previous payments reimbursed.

v=U6t Jk1d VIfw&feature=related Ever since last month’s China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shenzhen, China, a curious video (above) has been spreading across the blogosphere.

The gadget in question is apparently an automatic sperm collector, an all-in-one machine into which men can donate sperm (hands-free).Contact me at [email protected] Re anne 's post Zimaotong I received a £63.00 bill from them on my credit card I don't have facebook and have never knowingly been on their website !! I also have another charge for a supermarket call B-Z shop store.credit card company refunded and cancelled my card. I have cancel my card but people still trying to use it.I immediately called my bank who blocked my account & forwarded my complaint to their fraud department.Very sadly I received feedback from them stating that they cannot do anything about it & that I should contact the suppliers directly, well I have no idea who the suppliers are other than the name INFODESKBGLOW which appeared on my statement!!The video treats the entire subject in a rather ridiculous manner, raising two questions: How does this gadget actually work? Today, there are in fact several companies selling automatic sperm collectors on the internet (here, here, and here, for example). A little lower is a “semen-collection sheath,” which purportedly simulates the feel and movement of a vagina.],” which consists of two inflatable tire-like structures.