Is it more effective for a guy to speak positively more about the woman or the man? Fantastic amounts of fame, power or money: yeah that'll do it !!! at least 2 out of those 3 and the you would have beat the odds You could then overcomensate and find the woman of your dreams and take exotic vacations around the globe, have a lifestyle of the rich and famous, beautiful homes on each coast and maybe one in France too...

but even then it doesn't mean she will actually care for you, she would just be more willing to go along with things as long as things suit her.a good personality isn't enough to overcompensate for lack of attraction. My suggestion to you is to date women who are about as equally attractive/ intelligent as you are who can withstand your hobbies and habits be it a single mother or someone older.

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even then people don't go around handing out chances like chocolates to people they're not attracted are asking the wrong question because being shy is an inherent and chronic self-limitation. He didn't shower, shave, brush his teeth or put any effort into his wardrobe at all.

but people who aren't shy never have to wonder about how to approach other people. He was only 5'8", skinny, had braces and had let his hair grow down to his shoulders & rode a cheesy motorcycle or bicycle everywhere. One day he met a princess named Melissa and she told him that IF he let her, she would make him desirable to women.

"if i say or do this particular thing in exactly the right way and in the right sequence, i should get this particular result." especially the younger fellas tend to think like that, but normal women who are emotionally healthy do not want to listen to you boast nor hear your hollow flattery.

that's why your questions about "is it more effective" are off base.i would suggest you avoid directly complimenting women from the start. here is what it looks like: "i will tell you how pretty you are, and solely for that reason you will then like me, talk to me, date me, fuck me..." it's insulting to any normal woman's intelligence, that because you complimented her she should respond in a certain way, as well as an immediate violation of the bullshit filters.

If you work, find out if the company has a social group. This would be a way to allow your personality to shine and to get to know the other people in the group outside of the professional environment. You need to smile and look into the camera/eye of the person talking to you.5. Stop playing stupid air paint games and do something more "grown up". (see the above) I am saying this based on the premise that my ex hubby IS THE EXCEPTION and not the rule.

If you are a member of a church, they often times have a social aspect. If you don't have advice, real advice, go troll somewhere else. I do believe there are nice guys out there that didn't hit the genetic Jack Pot & just need a little 'help'.

The folks over at Ok Cupid—the humbly titled “best dating site on Earth”—have put on their math-hats again …

this time to calculate the relationship between what photos men find attractive and which ones they act on.

On behalf of ugly guys with hearts of gold and unyielding loyalty everywhere, ladies please give us poor humble miscreants some advice to unlock the treasures of your hearts! Being a * nice guy with nothing else * doesn't get anyone far in life. Unless you are not happy with your situation, you CAN fix it. As you get to know someone, the love for them as a person, makes them seem more physically attractive..maybe it just all blends. So - how does a less attractive person attract someone ?

After all, being sweet, kind, and gentle is really all we have left. Just allow people to get to know you is really all you can do. IMHO that happens through getting to know them first rather than having the physical attraction draw them in initially.

In fact some of the happiest relationships I know have had me asking how they got together. I don't want to hear a bunch of "That's the way get over it." load that I was fed throughout high school. Maybe even give him enough of a shot to talk a while? To break your odds you would have to overcompensate in other ways... Some of those things could be : fame, or money and lots of it is often a good leveling tool. On the flip side, you are saying that girls only look at the outward appearance because if she really looked at you she would like you because you have the above qualitites.