I had a K-Var KS-04S rail on hand, but I didn’t like how high it placed my optic. I might have to try a Midwest Industries mount to see if that will bring the optic down a little lower.In the photo below, you can see how the M M’s side plate is mounted higher on the receiver compared to a Bulgarian AK variant.As shown above, the Tapco smooth side has the same external dimensions as a traditional AK mag, but mimics the look of an AK-74 magazine.

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Despite being inexpensive ($25-30), it’s a solid performer.

I’m not sure what happens to all of those old thumbhole stocks and other parts removed off M M rifles, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are shipped back to Romania to be installed on the next batch of import AKs.

The M M labeled handgrip is manufactured by Hogue so it’s sized correctly for large-pawed corn-fed Americans, as opposed to the tiny commie-era factory grips you typically see on AKs.

The standard commie grips (two examples shown above) were made to fit five-year-agricultural-plan under-fed 1950’s era Soviet bloc peasants and it’s a “must-replace” part for most American shooters.

I like to keep my optic as low as possible and this rifle’s side rail sets the optic up almost ¼-inch higher than the rails on my other AKs.

While not a total deal killer, it’s certainly not ideal.

The test sample rifle did, however, exhibit an ever-so-slight amount of movement in the receiver to stock fit – not enough so to send it back, but just enough to make you wonder if it would hold up in a critical situation.

If I was going to be jumping out of airplanes or low-crawling through the bush with this thing, I might consider an upgrade.

Unlike a lot of the AKs on the market these days, the M M M10 isn’t a parts kit gun. The marking – in my case “13 RO” – denotes a new Romanian-built rifle made in 2013. S.-made replacement parts are added to make the rifle 922r compliant.

Mag Well The mag well is a common source of complaints on modern imported AKs.

It probably comes down to personal preference as to which one you like better.