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Finally, p H7CMS is 100% Open Source and so 100% Non-Encrypted. if you're still not convinced with this professional turnkey dating software (which can be normal...).

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In addition, p H7CMS is also included with the PH7Xsl, a XSLT PHP template engine.

In almost each version, the installation of the software is improved and is easier.

Complete with over 55 different templates and many payment gateways and much much more.

Imagine in 6 months time, if you could have a well-known successful dating business with lots of users and you didn't spend a dollar for it!

This allows you as a dating site owner to control every aspect of your dating site from the CMS Admin Area.

This is a uniquely designed area where you add pages, add articles, approve members, setup memberships, billing and more.

A complete content management system designed for the dating industry.

With features like chat, instant messenger, profiles and more, you’ll find that i Cupid Dating Software lets you create the most unique dating site around.

It also wants to be fast, low-resource-intensive, extremely powerful and very secure. One free with less features, no update/upgrade script and only for personal sites and another one sold for commercial sites, including premium features and update/upgrade scripts.