' " To be honest, it was just the type of contrived question I usually asked men, which told me two things: No.

1, I just might be intuitively doing this stuff on my own and, No.

The make men commit dating coach is necessary to learn new dating techniques.

Or, just for good measure, moving the dang bed away from the wall.

In my capacity as an online dating consultant, I receive endless notifications of godawful messages from some of the most godawful users across some of the most godawful dating apps ever conceived.

The phone call came just as I was cleaning out my sock and underwear drawers, one of those weird nesting rituals women go through every year (or three) without fail.

"Hi, Diane," said a lively voice on the other end of the line.

Would the same thing happen if I started focusing that kind of attention on my love life?

I wasn't sure, but I figured there was no harm in thinking about it.

Instead, she focused on "empowering people to find love and happiness." Her Web site, Making Love Work4U.com, included an impressive roster of coaching credentials and made mention of dream mate lists, meeting emotional needs, and feng shui, an approach that seemed far more woo-woo than wingman.

Of course, to me, drinking tea and using words like "empowering" also were pretty woo-woo.

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In the recent days many women’s are interested in dating a man.

Despite the fact I wasn't one of those "sappy soulmate types," I apparently had been systematically compiling quite the impressive little shopping list. Coach Katherin then began to talk about how I could use my mind-maps to qualify or disqualify the men that I met while out and about each day.