Judging from the pattern, she will wake up again, on August 1 to a similar world yet somehow different from where she was. As for Ukyou (the green-haired dude), it seems like he’s the only one not affected by the changes around our heroine.

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Both Kanba, Shouma and Ringo were born on the day of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

Throughout the story, his feelings and motivation to keep Himari alive become more visible.

Then, she was bothered by the rumours about Ikki dating girls only for three months as if it’s just a game.

As she walked home from work in the rain, she met the mysterious green-haired guy again.

He has a past history as a playboy, dating girls only to dump them later on, causing some heartbroken girls to join forces to take revenge on him.

Kanba seems to actually harbor feelings for Himari.

He dated several girls and for some reasons they all leaves him behind after three months.

Little did he know that these girls were all part of the same fans club and agreed to “share” him among themselves for the limit of three months.

He takes his duty to obtain the Penguin Drum seriously, willing to resort to any method to obtain it, whether legal or not.