Dermot Mulroney (born October 31, 1963) is an American actor.

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We didn’t [think], ‘Maybe I should spend some time alone,’ until we were older than Fiona.” writers make things more complicated by bringing back one of the character’s former flames?

There’s a bunch of them to choose from, including Gus (Steve Kazee) and Steve/Jimmy (Justin Chatwin).

Roberts and Mulroney hugged onstage as she accepted her award from Mulroney, who also gave a touching introduction speech about his BFF.

"She's just one of the most genuine friends I have," he told ET before the show.

Last year, “We have just found, probably selfishly as writers, that there’s great material in Fiona’s relationships.

Also, there’s a lot of women in our writers’ room and none of us took breaks from dating in our early twenties.

"I'd walk a mile on broken glass for her," Mulroney told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of Saturday’s Spike TV Guys Choice Awards.

Mulroney, who was on hand to present Roberts with the Woman of the Decade award, talked about the special bond he shared with Roberts that continued long after making the 1997 rom-com.

Mulroney also played the love interest of Madeleine Stowe in the western Bad Girls.