Otherwise known as Staybrite, (alternative spellings Sta-Brite or Staybright).

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A/A badges are so shiny that soldiers sometimes paint their beret badges black as a method of camouflage.

Black-painted badges are only worn on field exercises or operations - not in barracks.

We used to annotate these as 'Very-Large', 'Large-Medium' or 'Medium-Small', but for greater accuracy, we now use diameter sizes in millimetres.

In British military dress regulations, the diameter of buttons is often measured in 'Lines' or 'Lignes' (abbreviated to 'L'). I prefer to use millimetres as few people have the means to measure Lignes.This introduction is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of collecting British military insignia.It may be that you want an item connected with your family history, you want to get a badge for a friend, or you are trying to identify a badge.An interior design consultation service is available, either at the showroom or in your own home, and a full soft furnishing making up service including upholstery and loose covers from our highly talented team.We also stock a beautiful range of accessories to tempt you, from Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston Pottery, wash bags, aprons and tea towels to delightful Children's wear and refreshing Designers Guild and Cath Kidston fragrances.We do not usually use the word Bakelite on our lists - search our lists for the word 'plastic'.