If it were not for the ozone layer, our Earth would be barren with slight traces of life.

While criticised by many for its commodification of sex and relation-ships, Tinder continues to grow exponentially.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the four-times divorced actress Patsy Kensit, 49, had added her name to the dating pot.

When I refused to interact with him, he sent more messages until I had to report him to the app and delete my profile.‘What I find particularly depressing is that these men think that’s what women today have been reduced to — that it’s a normal way to speak to a woman in 2017.‘If this is the way forward in dating, the world is going to be left full of single, lonely hearts.’Finally I felt ready to dip my toe back into dating.

Since my divorce nine years ago, my life has revolved around my 14-year-old daughter, Sophie, and my business.

The ozone depletion has led to a worldwide concern as the thinning protective coat over Earth is letting harmful ultraviolet light pass which has led to many health hazards like skin cancer, damages to plants and plankton as well as cataracts.

Therefore many governments have banned products that produce these ODS.In fact, she’d be the first to warn any married woman secretly thinking the grass might be greener on the other side to stay firmly where she is.Claire says: ‘I’d hoped to meet some decent men in their 50s, someone with whom I could enjoy a conversation or a meal out.‘But it was horrendous and I’ve found that it’s zapped my confidence and made me feel a lot more anxious about the future.‘I’ve been shocked by the number of men who think it’s acceptable to send you pictures of their private parts.‘One man started sending me lewd messages, asking me what I’d like sexually.The Carrick-on-Suir man has 10 days to secure a main sponsor for his An Post-Chain Reaction team in order to keep...The depletion of the ozone layer is a phenomena that was observed during the later part of the 70s and has since then showed a declining rate of 4% per decade and there is a remarkable decrease over the polar regions of the Earth.However, the protocol did not include nitrous oxide which is the most fatal chemical that can destroy the ozone layer and is still in use.