Being successful with the hunt is more about affirming masculinity than it is about fueling desire.

Actually, research shows that married men have more sex than single men.

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If we are going to value ourselves based on a capitalistic model, then we are not seeing that we are all created equal on a spiritual level.

If you express your inner self, there will be a match with someone who is attracted to these characteristics.

The “chase.” Do all men have the capacity to go beyond this intrinsic need and create a deeper more spiritual connection?

“There are many reasons or motives behind looking for sex.

Remember that you’re a lovable, capable, and sexual being. Believe there is a reason to bother.” Everyone has to say this mantra: I am a loving, capable and sexual being. If we all have a creative source in us, we all have intrinsic value.

27% of people with severe disabilities are employed.

You can’t always depend on others to reflect your best self.

To learn to love and trust yourself, you have to look inward.

Tepper draws on his years of experience and research to provide a guide that is well worth your time if wanting to learn more about how to love…and love yourself.