This makes both of us feel better and still could remain as friends in the future. Anyway, I feel better now after talking to some of my friends.

Though still feel a bit lost but I have started planning for my future – in terms of income and retirement.

Just googled through the internet and successfully found out about this support group.

divorced dating with children-26

Those happy thoughts makes it harder for me to let it go.

I realised that I do need help but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that everything is over.

Now that we are old, I am 60 and he is 62, he keep making unpleasant remarks about me and say hurting things such as I cannot give him sex anymore, so he needs to find younger women outside.

Lately, for the past half year or so he is very engrossed with Whatsapp chatting, always using his hp to do messaging.

Its totally heartbreaking and I’m torn into pieces….…

Continue reading » Number of View: 908 I am Tracy here and feeling very very depressed over my husband’s consistent betrayal.I would like some advice from you on this before I formally engage a lawyer to take up the case. We are each other’s first boy/girlfriend, and thus no prior relationship before that.I would like to provide some background on my marriage. There are naturally a lot of differences in a relationship and I thought it will all worked out eventually as we have stayed on in the relationship for 7 years before we got married, but it was not like that.After the above incident, I moved out of our HDB flat that very same night, to live with my parents but returned to the marital home about 1-2 months later, with the intention of working at the marriage Out of depression and loneliness, I had found joy again through secretly seeing another man and my husband became suspicious after a while. Continue reading » Number of View: 693 Hi Gilbert, Thanks for asking and the concern. I don’t blame my wife as to whether she really did betray me or not (anyway there’s no way to prove or to find out unless I confront that guy. I feel that, as a husband, I have to bear the biggest accountability of the failure of my marriage.So to make her happy and the last good thing I could do now – I have to let her go.Continue reading » Number of View: 1615 Hi Gilbert, I am writing to you as I had gotten your email from Singapore Support Site for The Divorced. I have received a summon to attend Court as I did not allow the Child’s Father to see him.