This new article is split into 10 pages for easy download. Could California really have been an island or a pennisula at the time of the creation of the source map?Each page is accessed under the ads at the end of the article or via the link before that. Salton Sink is below sea level and so is Death Valley above it.Kelsey shows how by combining store-bought ingredients –– crumbled chocolate wafers, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and pound cake –– you can create a gourmet-tasting frozen birthday treat.

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Mathematicians and astronomers in the Middle Ages presumed the Earth was geocentric convex, thanks largely to the publication of Ptolemy’s Algamast… This latter model is also intuitive, as the heavens look to be rotating around the Earth.

If CET was suddenly discovered by a group of cartographers around 1600 AD, was it discovered through experiment or through a new religion/philosophy?

This shows that nearly all the cartographers in the renaissance (early 1600s) thought the Earth was a concavity, not a convexity. The “primitive” man idea is ruled out because Concave Earth Theory (CET) is counter-intuitive.

Previous to early 1600 AD only Plato believed that we lived inside a concave Earth (Phædo). water) looks like a flat plane to the horizon and so an uneducated man would presume that the Earth was flat.

Overall conclusion Donald Sarty (YT name: Sumstuff52) has found old maps in the Glen Mc Laughlin Map Collection dating from the 17th, 18th, and even as late as the 19th century (but mostly 18th) whose latitude and longitude lines have been curved “the other way” than we are used to. We can only speculate, but there are a couple of clues. After checking quite a lot of these maps, the earliest date I found which showed earth as a concave sphere was 1625, with most of the Glen Mc Laughlin Map Collection dated between early-and mid-18th century (1700 to 1770? Was this because of bad cartography via insufficient knowledge?

All these maps from this collection show California as an island or with the peninsula much higher up than where it is depicted today.

Science was extremely fledgling if non-existent in 1600 AD; although mankind have been able to have reproduced something akin to the 1897 rectilinear experiment privately.

The Rosicrucians for example were rumored to be scientifically far ahead of their time in the 1600s.

It is said that Newton thought that gravity was a pull by the large mass of the Earth, yet in his letters it is shown that he thought gravity was the exact opposite – a push on mass by “spirit”.