Sharon Lunz, the CDLT's Communications & Development director, says, "This is an amazing community.They looked at what they wanted and had a say in what happened.

Overall, the CDLT has protected 5.1 miles of riverfront and 536 acres of habitat in the Stillwaters Reach.

Bart and Sheila Clennon sell to the CDLT 52 acres in Broadview Canyon in the north end of the Foothills where as many as 60 homes could have been built.

This community has a can-do attitude and a sense of optimism." Rufus Woods writes in The Wenatchee World, "This achievement will one day be looked upon with the same reverence that people remember our predecessors who dared to create public utilities and take the risk of building dams on the Columbia River." CDLT announces the permanent protection of the 36-acre Lower Castle Rock property.

Bob Bugert writes, "This brings us one step closer to surrounding the city we love with natural beauty that everyone can access." CDLT reports it has been accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

The "quiet campaign" of major donors has produced $6.38 million of the $8.145 million goal.

CDLT announces that an agreement has been reached with Priest Rapids Coordinating Committee (PRCC) to put on hold construction of any hatchery facilities along the White River.

The Land Trust purchases 105 acres of the popular Sage Hills trail from the Lester family.

This section of trail was the only privately-owned section of the Wenatchee Foothills trail system and was at risk for development.

If we do this well, there will be great economic, environmental and recreational benefits to our community." CDLT announces the purchase of two significant properties along the Entiat River,133 acres total.