The team's slogan in Kirundi is 'Ugushaka Nugushobora,' meaning 'where there is willing is also the ability,' according to the page.

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Hassan Ahmad, an immigration lawyer in northern Virginia, said that if the teens make an asylum application, then Immigration and Customs Enforcement could seek to detain the teens pending removal proceedings.

However, the teens would be eligible to seek bond and could stay in the country while they await their hearing - which can take years.

'But the situation in Burundi is not nearly as bad as it was in waves of violence in the '70s and the '90s,' he said.

According to the United Nations, hundreds of people have been killed in Burundi, and both the UN and human rights groups accuse its security forces of abuses including killings and disappearances.

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As you might expect, I have to start here, with the operator that was one of (if not the) largest in the world, and whose vehicles were known and recognised everywhere.

Although I can just about remember a few STL's about, particularly the time I was able to help the conductor change the front via blind on a country area one on approach to Beaconsfield (I think I must have been about eight years old), and also have vaguer memories of other types including country area ST's in Watford and what I now know to have later been Q's on the 226, I grew up with the post-war replacement fleet of the RT family, RF's, TD's, GS's etc and of course the trolleybuses.

The competition, designed to encourage youths to pursue careers in math and science, attracted teams of teenagers from more than 150 nations. First Global, a not-for-profit charity, held the inaugural annual international robotics challenge in hopes of sparking a passion for science and technology among high school students around the world.