An outline is usually 2,000 words but when you deal with laziness it’s amazing what you can do. Have you been blaming fear for your lack of hustle?Has a little bit of laziness slipped into your week?

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See more » When Emma first climbs into the underground pipe system with Simon, you can see that she is wearing black athletic knee pads, thanks to the visible white label that says "Trace", an athletic gear brand.

See more » Back in the sixties Roger Moore don the persona of Simon Templar, known to his fans as The Saint.

Kilmer is fantastic and I believe this will become a classic among all the great films of his career.

List of the best Val Kilmer movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available.

At the end Kilmer will dump her because she broke Ralph Macchio’s heart at the beginning of Karate Kid II. Here’s how it went: Me: I’m too afraid to write this book.

How you going to leave a guy right after he’s just swept the All Valley Karate Championships? Jenny: No, you’re too lazy, but fear is fun to blame because then it’s not your fault. If you’re hiding from your work, it’s easier to blame fear than it is to admit you’re lazy. Some evil beast from the shadows hell bent on stopping you from a goal. Laziness is inside us and to face it means you give up your victim status.

He succesfully steals the formula from Emma by pretending to be artsy and soulful and spouting some of the absolute worst dialogue EVER. But it's entertaining, especially all the disguises and whatnot and man, Val Kilmer sure is nice to look at. The Saint is fun if you take your brain out back and tie to a post first. This is Sugary Cynic, in mourning for Val Kilmer's abs. *sob* (Simon is disguised as Trediak)Simon: "You know what the hardest part about being you is?

For one thing, it's in a lispy, pseudo-European accent, and he says things like that he's going to take her to Africa so she can experience to energy of life. But since it's a movie and she's a lonely nerd she eats it up and (of course) they fall in love. Trouble that requires sexiful running through bleak Russian landscapes! Pretending to be so bad in bed"Trediak: "You son of the bitch!

From the small tube to the Silver Screen, our hero has arisen to a modern audience.

With the superb talents of Val Kilmer, the saint is out to accomplish two goals.

In this episode, the Saint attempts to save the crumbling Soviet Empire' energy supply, by revamping the scientific and long sought-after formula of Cold Fusion. Lev Botvin, (Henry Goodman) perfect the celebrated formula of Physist Emma Russell, (Elisabeth Shue).