In the Task to Schedule: area, select Mc Afee Agent for the product. I have recently been given Administrative rights to help maintain e PO on my companies network.

epo not updating-89

Criteria: If [Settings] Enabled=1 and [Schedule] Type=0 the schedule is daily, this is not a finding. Locate the "Schedule type:" label, and from the pull down menu, select at least "Weekly". On the Summary page, verify the settings and select Save.

If [Settings] Enabled=1 and [Schedule] Type=1 the schedule is weekly, this is not a finding.

To view status, right click Mc Afee agent in notification tray, select Quick Settings, Show Drive Encryption status.

Before installing a new patch, users should first send any applications they have already prepared to the EPO, WIPO or the relevant national office(s).

Keeping virus signature files as current as possible is vital to the security of any system.

The antivirus software product must be configured to receive those updates automatically in order to afford the expected protection.

This can be accomplished either from the client or from the server.

In order to force the client to update: This process is similar forcing a synchronization that was available with EEPC 5. Do not restart your system until encryption status is active.

Typically, I have to do 3 to 4 cycles of all of the above steps to get the machines to react properly.