citizens to enter Iraq without a valid Iraqi visa; however, the airport-issued IKR visa is not valid outside the IKR, and U.

citizens are not permitted to travel within the rest of Iraq with only the IKR-issued visa.

Contractors receive an Iraqi visa tied specifically to the contract and will be in violation of Iraqi immigration law if found to be violating the terms of the visa, including by overstaying.

Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR) Entry/Exit Requirements: Immigration officials in the provinces of Dahuk, Erbil, and Al-Sulayimaniyah, which make up the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR), routinely allow U.

The process for obtaining these visas can be lengthy, so contractors should apply early and remain in close contact with their contracting company during the visa process.

This visa is valid only in the IKR for a period of 15 days.

Just as spoken words only hang in the air long enough for ears to hear them, these images last just long enough to be seen (or more accurately, for 24 hours) and then they disappear.

Navigating the app also works a little differently here.

citizen who plans to stay longer than two months must apply at the Residency Office for an extension.

Contractors in the International Zone (IZ) may also obtain exit stamps at the Karadah Mariam Police Station (available Sunday and Wednesday, -).

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