On a couple of recent fishing trips, I was faced with having lots of tailing redfish around that were difficult to catch because they had their heads burried in thick grass.I tried coaxing with crab flies, seducing with spoon flies and a number of other things to get their attention, but was just unable to present anything into their sight window while they kept their heads down in the thick aquatic vegetation I finally decided to stop trying to "show" them a fly, and to let them hear it instead.There was a bit of chop on the water and in his 16 foot Whipray it was a less than dry ride, but we were well prepared with rain gear and stayed comfortable on this cool morning.

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While the fisher were a little tough to feed, they definately were looking for food.

Every time we had a fish on, the commotion the fish made in it's struggle would attract other fish intent on stealing whatever it was eating.

While I've spent a bit of time "down east" looking for bulls the last few winters, it's been years since I fished the eastern portion of the state in summer.

We met at 4am to make sure that we would be on the water early after the long drive.

There were a lot of big fish around, the weather just didn't present a lot of opportunities to persue them.

Having taken the last 2 days of 2013 as vacation days, my friend Jack Smith and I planned a trip down to the Mississippi River Delta in search of big redfish.My line came tight and I quickly boated a small redfish.We switched off and within a couple of minutes Barrett had his first fish of the day.Almost immediately after getting into this pond we started spotting schools of redfish moving all over the place.I took a few cast to knock the rust off and soon Barrett had me positioned to make a quick short cast to a crossing school.We ran and fished different ponds with much slower action.