When things between us ended, I combated rejection and heartache with pornography and masturbation. Every morning and evening—sometimes even in the afternoons—I would engage in those things.On the outside I was a straight-A student, a leader in my high school's chapel band, a core part of my youth group, a social butterfly, and a talented athlete.It's difficult to find concrete numbers on women's pornography viewership.

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With the uptick in Internet use and the growth of online pornography, we can assume more men editor Joe Carter published helpful findings on the effect of pornography on the brain, adding to the ongoing discussion over men and porn.

It's much harder to find similar articles tailored for women, leading many to deduce that pornography remains a struggle only for men.

When we don't talk about women and porn, women everywhere hide in the shadows with this deep-rooted secret.

Thousands, perhaps millions, of Christian women struggle with sexual sin, and we must speak openly about these temptations.

I knew I had impure thoughts—I was yearning to see something that I had never seen before—but I could not stand because I was too ashamed.

A few years later, I realized I could gratify my desire to see what I was imaging in my head, so I would stay up and watch porn after-hours on premium cable channels such as HBO and Showtime.

When I was about 15, someone prayed that lust would be removed from me.

I felt much better, shared my issue with my mother, and did not have any desire to watch that stuff anymore.

After our relationship ended, I craved that feeling that I no longer was experiencing. I knew it was wrong, but I still wanted to experience an orgasm. As a kid, I was exposed to sex scenes in movies and sex chatter among other students at school, who repeated details of what they had heard of, seen, or done.