I offer as a hypothesis the proposition that the college rape epidemic is deeply rooted in the drunken hook-up culture of the Millennial generation.

Liberal Boomer college administrators, who make a fetish of being non-judgmental, have allowed this culture to arise without contesting it.

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Feminists might argue that in an oppressive, patriarchal society such a distinction is meaningless. Further blurring the lines is the rise of the exhibitionist “sexting” culture.

Baby Boomers find themselves prudishly aghast as they hear of Millennials emailing photos of their their genitals to love interests. Then there is the phenomenon of “revenge porn.” Men create videotapes of themselves having sex with girlfriends and then post the videos online to get back at them for some perceived offense.

(Victorian morality still prevails when it comes to respecting the vows of matrimony; not everyone lives up to the moral norm but almost everyone accepts it.) On college campuses, the floodgates opened.

When colleges ceased policing students’ sexual activities, students were free to pursue their primal instincts.

The only recognized standard is the admonition that women must “consent” to sex. The overwhelming majority of “rapes” on college campuses occur in a party context in which men and women alike are intoxicated. When a man plies a woman with a date rape drug and has sex with her, everyone would agree that that’s a case of rape, even if there was no violence involved.

Everyone would agree that the gang rape at the University of Virginia, if it occurred as described, was horrific.

virtually no change to the “culture of rape” that led to the gang rape in the first place.

The reason that change will not occur is that the University of Virginia, like colleges and universities across the country, are caught between conflicting moral imperatives which Baby Boomer administrators are incapable of reconciling.

Residential colleges like UVa threw together thousands of young people at the peak of sexual desire and looked the other way as a new culture arose that mixed heavy drinking with sexual license.