Another great feature of Home Camera is that it lets you access your webcams from over the internet.

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These webcam surveillance software do not simply record webcam stream, but these are quite smart.

They can detect motion in front of camera, and alert you by email as per your pre-specified alerts.

It can detect moving objects in surveillance video.

It can detect humans in surveillance video, and can distinguish them from other objects (like cars).

You can even share your Home Camera webcam surveillance software feed with other people.

Home Camera can also be configured to send you alerts whenever a motion is detected in front of your webcams.

Apart from these features, Vitamin D webcam surveillance software also lets you easily review your surveillance video later.

The free version of Vitamin D lets you setup one webcam or network camera.

It lets you connects up to 6 cameras, and view your webcam stream over internet.

Webcam XP lets you pan/tilt your webcams remotely if your webcams support those.

It can send you an email when something happens during surveillance video.