I started this site in 2007 after I joined a couple of the popular "age gap dating sites" out there. These sites were no different from any other dating site! The system will halt you after five items with 80% or more similarity.

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Partly, when I was younger, this was, I guess, because older female, and males, were just more 'sexually mature... I've never been with an older man yet and it makes me so mad cuz i want to so badly. I used to model lingerie for them, and they made me feel like a true sissy, the way they would slowly **** me, and caress and kiss me. Hi I am an older gay man live in Uk but nobody here seems to want to bother with me love to be able to chat with you and be really intimate with you if dont mind me being so cheeky. But I would also go into the local bi/gay chat rooms just to "look around" and damn it! I have been hooking up with older men since I was sixteen, its all about the domination / teacher factor.

I don't know why I am, but I'm so sexually attracted to older men. I am 72 years old and only recently realised I like men much mor than women John I was terribly horny yesterday, so stopped off at my favourite adult theatre here in Toronto on my way home. Kind of my inner desire to be like them, grow old like them. After the first guy told me how to suck his **** I was addicted to it. I have always liked older men,but my attraction truly came to life in my adolescence.

Just to put things in perspective, I'm a 24 year old male. My memories are sparkling now i have given them a chance. I've been wanting it for so long, I just didn't expect it would be with anyone I knew. We had amazing plans like ordering pizza, prankcalling and such. I love mature men who are intelligent, adventurous, honest, fun loving, fit, in shape, rugged. I so wanted to have sex with a man back then,and...

I've always liked the company of older men but its been a while since I met up with one. It was at school my interest began, although at that age i did nothing to show it. A few weeks ago I was on a dating site that allows young guys like me to connect with... I was also looking forward to see his father, Michael. I do not smoke (including 420), drink (including red wine) or do any kind of drugs. Well I went over to my friends house because we were supposed to work on this project for school, I went inside and he wasn't there.

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