Anyway, after one arrives at the place their thumb impression is taken along with their date of birth.

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When I asked the permission of the person reading it for it to be photographed, he declined.

When I asked whether he would pose for a picture he was vehement in his refusal.

The next question was whether I was a Brahmin or not.

When I asked what the leaf said, I was told non-brahmin.

Since, both of them are no more, he said that the inference had been probably arrived at, by the presence of their souls on earth!

I had made no attempts to send them to heaven by performing the required rituals.

When I said yes, he made the very earth-shaking declaration that I was a non vegetarian!

I asked him to go on and he said that both my parents were alive.

I was told that although all efforts had been made to get the script of my life, there could be some errors in interpretation.