" while hanging from a harness at the Miraval resort.

Still another clip that is often shown is of The Today Show's news correspondent Ann Curry starting her report by saying, "Good morning, good morning everybody, in the news this morning, good morning", which Olbermann mimicked on his appearance on the July 25, 2008 show.

A decision was made not to air the episode that had been filmed and intended to air the same day as the November 2015 Paris attacks due to multiple references to "killing Baby Hitler".

As the episode was pre-filmed, it later aired on November 27, likely replacing a clip show due to it being the day after Thanksgiving.

Although the show is scripted, a large portion of it is ad-libbed. They include Mankini (a man wearing a bikini top and pants played by Dominic De Leo, who is also a writer and producer for the show), a dancing maxipad (Tess Rafferty, a supervising producer and the only female writer on The Soup), two nerds who dress as Star Wars characters, an intern named Matt whom Mc Hale shoots with a gun (often with the shooting sound effect purposefully played out of sync, or even played with other objects or with just fingers), Jewbacca (Chewbacca's lawyer), and "Spaghetti Cat", a cat eating spaghetti from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Additionally, Tom Mc Namara, The Soup's stage manager and former stage manager on Talk Soup, and Kelly Levy (née Andrews), the show's former announcer and a producer, have made appearances on the show, with Kelly portraying Courtney Stodden.

The current intro juxtaposes brief clips introduced by announcer Anndi Mc Afee and a "reaction" by another clip, wildly out of context.

The show has a number of segments that focus on various genres of television shows.Joel often shows a clip of Kendra Wilkinson from The Girls Next Door laughing.When someone mentions marriage on the show, they will often show a clip of Elizabeth Taylor screaming "Marriage?! " Shorter clips are sometimes used as interjections.The Soup makes jokes at the A&E TV Series, Steven Seagal: Lawman.Whenever Joel would introduce a clip from the show, a sound clip would say "That's Right It's Steven Seagal", followed by Joel drinking a Steven Seagal energy drink that would humorously float into frame.The show features the host, Joel Mc Hale, on a green-screened set with a screen to his right.