This used to be on the HDX models, but that came with a hefty price.Now, we have a low-cost 1080p device and can watch movies at full HD resolution.— DEVICE SIZE —Not going to lie, the jump from 8” to 10” is pretty huge.

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I got the usual: Netflix and Plex to watch my other content (No Vudu, yet).

There are lots of free (in-app) games, with the occasional free gem.

It has about 3-5 days of standby between charges, depending on how you use it.

If you were to use it non-stop, you get about ten hours of use.

Pixels per inch has increased which means everything looks sharper.

PPI helps while reading as you are less likely to zoom in on photos or text in magazines and PDFs. Reds are distinctly redder, along with all the other colors [see photos].1080p resolution was the only thing stopping this tablet from being truly must-have, and now it’s here!

If you wait for one of their tablet sales, then it’ll definitely be worth it.

If you use a lot of Amazon services, this would make a perfect device for consuming all your media. This review is for the 64GB, no special offers version of the tablet, regardless of how Amazon shows it.

Kept trying to get the right version to show but finally gave up.11/26/2017 - I've added an update about the Google Play Store12/10/2017 - Update on May Day and Keyboard BACKGROUND: I own 4 Fire tablets: the original 7", the 2012 8.9", the 2013 7" HDX and the 2014 8.9" HDX.