In 2017, the company announced several rounds of closures totaling more than 400- locations, leaving it with about 1,000 after the holiday shopping season.The company sold off its prized Craftsman tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker to raise cash and engineered several debt maneuvers to tie additional assets to its loans, which eventually could lead to secured creditors collecting key Sears property in a bankruptcy.He risks undermining whatever potential success they may engender by making them also available at Amazon.

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The last ounce of value Sears was forced to sell the Craftsman tools brand to Stanley Black & Decker to generate a much-needed cash injection for the business, and also to help the retailer meet its pension plan obligations.

Previously, it spun off Land's End, Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores, Orchard Supply, and more.

Last year Lampert set up real estate investment trust Seritage Growth Properties, to which he has sold Sears' real estate -- again, to raise cash.

All that Sears has left of any value is Kenmore and Die Hard, and though Lampert entertained the idea of selling them off as well, he's instead chosen the path of better marketing and licensing deals.

Founded in 1911, The Company Store has a rich history of providing products that are highly sought after by customers as they put the finishing touches on a room. Perhaps that's the best that can be said about the deal by Sears Holdings to sell Die Hard batteries on

Like its previous agreement to sell Kenmore appliances on the e-commerce site, this latest move is a welcome effort to expand the availability of the failing retailer's most popular wares beyond its own stores, but it's not really going to help.As consumers are increasingly not shopping at Sears stores, a sale through Amazon or elsewhere is better than none at all.But sometimes late is just too late, because the value of the brand has deteriorated.Sears may be finally getting into that market in a big way by joining with Amazon, but selling appliances and batteries online will only serve to further cannibalize sales from Sears stores.And comparable-store sales are already in free fall at Sears and Kmart.By the time Lampert allowed Kenmore to be sold in other outlets, the brand's market share had dwindled from over 40% to less than 13%, while appliances from Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool have all surpassed it.