Here you go look, the notice on the board explains it as folks wander in…..

Girls thuds chatlines-41

Too many newbs mistake outcome independence for passivity.

If you’ve engaged a girl, and she’s reciprocating, it’s game time. Don’t make a habit of buttressing your inner game by deleting girls’ texts so you don’t have an emotional reaction to whatever you imagine they’ll say.

if you are deleting the girl’s response, it sounds like you are nervous about her response – whether it will happen, what it will be, if she will reject you.

here is a flash report: girls are going to reject you.

Instead they troll around and laugh at arm chair speculators such as you and me via their internal chat lines.

But if you read between the lines they put out some snippets of geniusism its then up to us to follow through and do the hard work No thank you. Who just comes and goes as they please and there is no value to contribute in the community.

although you could be accused of already possessing one, we all know it's a figment here's your button as promised.

I think everybody & their crippled cat are piling into it the past couple of weeks, hence the shallow & orderly pullbacks. 16 candles through the pullback in line with flows & trend accompanied in a 5 minute canoe with 3 noisy quacking ducks rowing effortlessly alongside. Well connected and have lots to offer the community.

Folks are obtaining a macro/micro view that encompasses anything up to 6 months of price data on the 4 hour, 1 month of data on the 1 hour a couple days snapshot on the micro 5 minute) scale.

The complete rhythm is immediately on tap & visible every time the screens & charts are switched on.

Each rejection then becomes a victim of your cavalier dismissal, which, when compounded, strengthens your immunity to emotional disturbances caused by future rejections.