Stan Lee, Kate Beckinsale, Gene Simmons, John de Lancie, Josh Mc Demitt, and Ernie Hudson cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Morena Baccarin's Inara remained mysterious throughout Firefly's brief run, but had the show continued it would have been revealed that she was dying.

A terminal illness subplot – hinted at but unexplored in the series – had been rumored for years before Baccarin herself finally confirmed it in 2008.6.

fans, for the uninitiated) will know that it wasn't actually the show's outstanding pilot episode 'Serenity' that aired on September 20, 2002, but rather the inferior (though still great) replacement episode 'The Train Job'.'s Mal Reynolds, until scheduling scuppered that plan and Fillion took the role.2.

Executives at Fox (Browncoats, take a moment here to shake your fist) were unhappy with the fact that Wash and Zoe were married.

The probe removes debris at the same time.‘This has been around since 2005, and studies show patients have an average 30 per cent drop in eye pressure over seven years, which is massive,’ says Imran Rahman, consultant ophthalmologist at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and 20-20 Vision Perfection in Manchester.

*TALENT SUBJECT TO CHANGEAlan Tudyk, Austin Amelio and Lou Ferrigno cancelled due to filming.

Loyal - Can you think of a time when Kristen wasn't with Dax? Or something like that, whatever you gamers call it these days.

Or even if she had someone serious in her life before him? Emotional Outbursts - Remember that time Kristen had a complete meltdown over her sloth birthday present? I actually don't see this as a positive but I know a lot of you who will.

because of the wildly different genres its leading characters, Mal and River, represented."Mal is a Western fellow and River is kind of Noir, so how do I reconcile them?

" His mentor, film professor Jeanine Basinger, helped him steer through the block with genre-blurring movies like Brian De Palma's .5.

While it sometimes grates when she's really reaming someone on That 70's Show, imagine if you got into a fight with her on a personal level.