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It invites cases of mistaken identity and worst of all it tells them how long you've been on the site and after a while this starts to become embarrassing if you've not had any luck.

If your name doesn't paint a picture of you or someone like you then it's not appropriate.

Even if it's a nickname that people have for you remember that these people don't know you and will be judging the name on its own merits. What adjectives are fitting for you while being positive?

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We can practically live two lives, or three, or eight...

When it comes to online dating this too has many benefits, specifically allowing you to meet people and to find out about them without having to commit in anyway, and while withholding the ability to immediately cut off all contact and disappear off the face of the planet if things seem to start going badly. A dating profile username then is your pseudonym and your disguise when dating online it is your alter ego that allows you to meet people without sharing your details and that gives you far greater control over how a relationship pans out.

Even if the name isn't overtly descriptive such as 'Jumping Monkey207' this is still enough that we will create an image in our mind.

Jumping monkey is certainly someone who is relatively small and probably quite playful/cute. Your Goal Your goal then is to create a name that is flattering, but that is at the same time relatively accurate in describing you.

It's also a good idea to avoid anything with a number such as a date or which can be misconstrued as a date.

You don't need to have the same username on all dating sites you use, and in fact you don't even need just one user name on each one.

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