Loss, bereavement and grief are often first associated with death.Grief counseling is not often thought for anyone who hasn’t experienced a death of a loved one.The end of this is the loss of that hope and the heaviness of the feeling of starting all over again.

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Have you ever seen someone start dating immediately after a significant break up?

Some people may know it as the “rebound relationship.” Sometimes after a break up, people throw themselves into something else: work, dating, alcohol, hobbies, exercise, etc.

Usually when people step back and have time to think the anger dissipates a bit.

Understanding where the anger is coming from is very important in moving forward, as is accepting the anger as it is and letting yourself work through those emotions.

Sometimes you think you’re okay and then a reminder pops up which brings on a tirade of anger.

It’s important to try to understand why you’re angry.Even if you choose to remain friends with the person, things inevitably have to change and a chapter in life has to be closed.It’s normal to be deeply saddened by this and it’s what makes attachment so special–it means our relationships are special and have meaning which is very profound. Sometimes it’s covering up sadness, sometimes it’s protecting our ego as a defense mechanism to avoid having to take responsibility or accountability, and sometimes it’s completely justified when we are taken advantage of or disrespected.When we become vulnerable with another human being, we become more attached.The promise of someone else truly knowing, loving and accepting of who we are is a recipe for serious attachment. We remember the good times and happiness that will never happen again.Being in a relationship often requires the giving of oneself and the investment of one’s emotional energy and time.