Shea Morgan from Galiano Island for his input on the agricultural theme.Ron Pither from Varalaya Farm here on Mayne for donating the horseshoe, shovel, and pitchfork.3000BC Native people were fishing in Active Pass, around Helen Point as long ago as 3000 BC. Active had been the first steam vessel to navigate the pass.

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The Mayne Island Farmers Market for their financial contribution.

And finally the Agricultural Society for their financial contribution, patience and good wishes.

Marie Elliot's 1984 book "Mayne Island & The Outer Gulf Islands, A History" (page 27), mentions that the first community hall in the outer islands was erected in Miner's Bay, "circa 1899 -- the precise date is uncertain".

(This book can be obtained through Miner's Bay Books - 250 539-3112) June 1885.

Now 30 years later they've been recycled into our own local sign language.

The following people are to be thanked for the new sign: Michael Sharp from Puddle Lane Blacksmith Shop on Galiano Island for forging a magnificent frame.More information about the Mast and the Japanese Community on Mayne Island.A brief history of the horseshoe: Jimmy Drysdale was Mayne Island's blacksmith in the early 20th century, whose valuable talents were also called to Saturna & Galiano.A bell was later installed, followed by a fog horn.Scotty's son, George, later became his assistant 1892 Springwater Lodge,established in 1892 is situated at the head of Miners Bay Wharf in Active Pass, on Mayne Island.His blacksmith shop still stands on Hardscrabble Farm and in the late 20th century became director Philp Borsos studio, for his shooting here of the Disney film Yellow Dog. Jimmy Drysdale finished his trade before WW11 and the horseshoe in the new Ag Hall sign somehow clipclopped its way to the old Heck farmstead, now Richard and Maggie Brown's Windover Farm.