As damaging as these comments and views can be, what does it mean for women when their romantic partners objectify them too?

To address this question, psychologist Laura Ramsey and colleagues from Bridgewater State University conducted three studies to determine how being objectified by a male romantic partner affects women.

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Male attention is welcome and men's reactions seem largely innocuous.

But her male co-workers' reactions are objectifying and ultimately may not produce the empowerment Joan desires.

But feeling more desired didn't relate to women enjoying sexualization more.

Rather, feeling sexually desired went along with greater perceived objectification by the partner.

These findings suggest that feeling desired is not synonymous with objectification and each has different implications for satisfaction.

To determine how frequently American women perceive objectification happening, researchers contacted participants throughout the day via a smartphone app.Research has shown that objectification of women opens the door to a whole host of other issues, including not taking women's work and accomplishments seriously, sexual violence, increased concerns about appearance and lower self-esteem Clearly those results sound bad for objectification.But it's also possible that a male partner's objectification is more innocent, merely his way of showing affection toward his adored female partner.If that's the case, maybe objectification isn't so bad, especially since other research shows that sexual desire in healthy relationships increases people's happiness about them.To explore the role of sexual desire in objectification, Ramsey and her colleagues asked 196 women to respond to the same three measures from the first study.It reflects the view that women's bodies are objects of sexual pleasure without regard for the living, feeling, thinking people inhabiting them.