There you have my complete activity, streaming a video from a link. I can't tell you how to play a video from your own device because I don't know that.

Hot chat without log in and no video-12

Just as an aside, I don't think there's any reason to go through all the Surface View crazyness.

You can just use a Video View like you normally would, but apply that sizing code to its Layout Parameters in the on Prepared callback.

Have you tried adjusting the underlying surface holder size?

Try the code below it should adjust the surface holder to be the same width and height of the screen size.

I modified this from a tutorial for video streaming that I followed some time ago, can't find it right now to reference it, if someone does please add the link to the answer! EDIT Ok, so, if you want the video to occupy the whole screen and you don't want it to stretch you will end up with black stripes in the sides.

In the code I posted we are finding out what is bigger, the video or the phone screen and fitting it the best way we can.

True, but likewise, Windows Live Messenger video chat is subject to the eyes of Microsoft.

I suppose it's up to you who you trust more, but I'd say either one has risks, but probably doesn't care, and probably doesn't keep that many hours of video when they don't need to.

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