Or, if you’re on a psycho diet but still want to date, this is a good spot where you won’t have to awkwardly say no to alcohol or cheese.

The food and cocktails are top notch, so regardless of your date you’ll go home satisfied.

One of our interns claims to take all her Tinder dates here, and with good reason.

But pushing these bad boys out for good is a difficult challenge, especially when you’re hopelessly The Reddit men are back at it again.

This time, they tell us how they lo OOOooo Ove their baes but also name which annoying habits they hate the most.

The views are cool to distract you from how boring your date is, and if things go well you’ll have fun trying all their innovative cocktails.

If you’re not quite sure how your date is going to shape up in person, a date like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens ensures that you can dip out ASAP if he’s a dud.Unfortunately, we can’t really help if it’s the dude that’s the shitty part.If your date lives downtown and you live uptown, the Viceroy is a nice spot to meet in the middle.The only thing better than ugly Christmas sweaters is ugly Christmas sweater lingerie, am I right?In the holiday spirit, we rounded up some of our fave festive lingerie pieces and asked dudes what they thought about it, which isn’t to say that you need a man to rock any of these pieces, because you def Unmarried people love to complain about the engagement and wedding photos that flood our social media feeds all year long, but guess what?If he tries to sway you to go to a dive bar, it prob means that he takes every single one of his dates there and hopes to seal the deal and GTFO.