If you get a some electronic gadget (like a new smartphone) do not just leave the packaging outside your home or where ever. Leaving boxes like that around is like giving clues to the entire ghetto that you’ve got something worth stealing.

That’s how I learned to use the peephole on a regular basis.

If people come up to your door, you might have to crack the door open to turn them away or entertain them. I used to smile at people I was afraid of and say, “Hello.” Most of the time they would respond back: sometimes with a “Hello,” sometimes just with a nod. I recommend this great book on body language by an ex-FBI agent: What Every Body is Saying.

Here’s an even more important tip: don’t lock your car door!

Sounds crazy, but trust me: it’ll let potential burglars search your car and find nothing of value in it. Of course, lock your steering wheel with one of these so people can’t hot wire your care and drive it away.

Today I’ll share them with you: If you see something or someone that piques your interest, curiosity or simply scares you. This way, you can pass by without being addressed or being pulled into a conversation you really do not want to be a part of. I tried to stay away from him, and I never exited my apartment if I could see him through the peephole in my front door.

And don’t ever EVER follow someone if they say stuff like, “Hey come over here.” Just walk away. If you’d feel more confident carrying around some sort of security device, you can actually get pepper spray for pretty cheap these days. Never ever open your door until you know who’s on the other side. There were a few other questionable neighbors whom I tried to avoid by all means.

In return, I never had a household problem that was not resolved promptly.

By the way, if your maintenance guy won’t fix your cockroach issue, this little thing is nastily effective at killing them. Share your experience and tips with me in the comments below!

Compare: Suffice to say that the Pay Evil unto Evil can have a perpetrator of almost any morality while the Kick the Son of a Bitch is always a case of Evil Versus Evil. Also compare—but do not confuse—with Pay Evil unto Evil.