Three additional expansion packs--Twilight Princess Pack, Majora's Mask Pack, and Boss Pack--will be released later on.

Try making a manual save before fighting a low-rank Lynel and practice perfect-guards until you are comfortable with them. This might sound extra, but you’ll improve fast and this exercise will really help you in other encounters against different types of Lynels.

At long distances or when Link is at an elevated position, Lynels fire elemental arrows at you.

All of these attacks can be perfect-guarded and most of them can be perfect-dodged.

The exact timing for successful counters depends on the weapon the Lynel is holding, so you'll need a lot of practice.

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Still, some high-tier weapons require Lynel drops to be upgraded to the highest level, while the Lynels themselves drop some of the best equipment in the game.

Check out our guide to farming Lynels in White-Maned Lynel : (HP 4000) Drop Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts Silver Lynel : (HP 6000): Drops Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts, Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond The most common attacks a Lynel uses are melee-based, like sideways-sweeps, overhead blows, spinning attacks, as well as bull-rushes, where a Lynel will charge Link to knock him off his feet.

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