That’s because Chief Craig has done a good job being transparent and holding problem officers accountable.”Not all police officials say disrespect is on the rise.

I think she's going to miss where she was on the job and where she was as a person before all this happened too."How well do the One Chicago actors know the other shows? Like, I'm gonna get the perp and I'm gonna solve this, and emotions I'll deal with later.

So, is this the last we're going to see of Burgess? And what's going on with her and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger)? Which I think a lot of people do, when they're sort of in the thick of something.

In several recent incidents, restaurant workers refused to wait on police officers.

Late last month in New York, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee allegedly told two officers, “I don’t serve cops.” New York officers began a boycott of the chain.“I think this is one of the more challenging times that I’ve seen in this profession and I’ve been in it a long time,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

How did you feel about being part of an episode that dealt with those? The last episode that was really big for me that I sent out the family emails for was the spin-off to [, where Burgess shot an unarmed black kid.

In the context of what's going on in Chicago and across America, and the strained relations between citizens of the city and the cops, I think to be able to talk about it or show something on television — it's not real life and I don't want to make it real life — but to be able to in some way discuss it or promote discussion is really important. Squerciati: I don't think you're going to be seeing much of Burgess, so I don't know if you'll be seeing her sister either! Walk us through Burgess' emotions after she learns of her sister's rape. Since Burgess' sister is in Chicago indefinitely, will we be seeing more of her? Squerciati: When you're trying to make it as an actor, you're always emailing your family and friends, like, "Hey, please come see me in this theater" ... I've been on the show for four years now, and every once in a while I'll be like, "Hey, family, this episode means a lot to me." And I just sent out a blast like I did in the beginning of my career, because I think this episode is really beautiful.Slager, who pleaded guilty in May of willfully using excessive force to deprive Scott of his civil rights, is awaiting sentencing.“Are there some problem officers? All police are not like that, despite the perception by some.”Ray Winans, a former gang member who was convicted of manslaughter at age 15 and now mentors Detroit youths, said the chasm between police and citizens is the fault of both parties.“There’s a mistrust that goes both ways: Police hear horror stories about community members and believe them, and community members hear horror stories about the police and believe them,” he said.Absolutely, and nobody wants a dirty cop off the street more than we do,” Michigan State Police Lt. “But it’s not near as bad in Detroit as it is in other cities.“I think there’s a false narrative out there that police officers are quick to use force, quick to violence, quick to improper behavior.”Another indication cops have fallen out of fashion: Police departments in Michigan and across the country are having trouble recruiting.