Manufacturers spend large amounts of money on product quality issues such as parts not fitting together properly, scrap, and rework.

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The impact areas are then related to vehicle failure rate and to a real population density map, resulting in a reliable risk evaluation.

Once the relation between the nominal vehicle trajectory and corresponding risk level is defined, a suitable multi-objective optimization process is developed, searching for the optimum solutions that minimize path length and risk, the latter being constrained below a prescribed maximum admissible value.

Eventually, the candidate optimum paths are visualized and evaluated within a virtual console, developed and addressed in terms of a cloud architecture.

The whole path planning methodology has been built according to recognized authority rules.

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L'internaute reconnaît que l'utilisation du site internet est régie par le droit français.At the same time, UAVs became accessible to a wide range of users.Therefore, determination and mitigation of the risk they can represent to people in the event of a ground impact is a key point for the development of UAV regulations in the civil airspace.Flexible assemblies, composed of slender parts or sheet metal components can deform substantially from their nominal geometric shape.This paper will present techniques that perform tolerance analysis on assemblies with flexible components within the CAD and CAE environments.Conformément à la loi "Informatique et liberté" les informations demandées sont nécessaires au traitement de votre demande et pourront être communiquées à des tiers.