The Avon Collection provides insight into the history of the company, its sales representatives, employees, and consumers.

The Avon materials in the Hagley Digital Archives encompasses a range of materials such as advertisements, catalogs, representative's sales tools, and corporate documents. du Pont de Nemours & Company property, feature posed individuals, mill buildings, and the natural landscape along Brandywine Creek.

Image: Fleischmann Distilling Corporation, Fleischmann's Mixer's Manual,1947.38 items.

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These industries and businesses would soon get a further economic boost in the years after World War II, as an increasingly affluent white middle class relocated to the nation's growing suburbs, where larger living spaces combined with disposable income to create new opportunities for private entertaining and the accumulation of consumer products.

The items in this digital collection represent a portion of the Hagley Library's holdings documenting liquor manufacturers' and distributors' activities and outreach to these consumers, as well as the attitudes, trends, and material objects that made up American cocktail culture during this era.

This digital collection includes more than 7,800 images from the Dallin Aerial Survey Company collection.

The company specialized in aerial images of factories, private estates, schools, country clubs, towns, airports, rivers, and many other sites and some news events of the day.

The materials were digitized from microfilm copies. This collection comprises postcards and folded cards (stationery) issued by the organization.

Each item is headed with the saying "Prohibition-Probes," which is followed by an anti-prohibition slogan or quotation. Henry Belin du Pont (1898-1970) began Atlantic Aviation in 1927 to provide services for business aviation.In 1948, the company moved from the Du Pont Airport to New Castle County Airport south of Wilmington, Delaware and soon expanded to other airports around the country, continuing today as a major aircraft maintenance and sales provider.The collection includes portraits and views of Atlantic Aviation facilities at various airports.Also included are photographs of the du Pont family, travel images, and a variety of other photos documenting the interests and activities of P. Each journal issue contains scientific articles, production figures, industry news from around the world, and advertisements from brewery suppliers and manufacturers of brewery equipment. The journal dates to 1791-1792 and was compiled by Tousard while a prisoner at L'Abbaye accused of counter-​revolutionary activities during the 1791 slave insurrection in Saint Domingue (now Haiti) led by Toussaint L'Ouverture.The letter book, dated 1796-1802, documents Tousard's second career in the United States Army. Stayton, the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment was a leading advocate for prohibition repeal in the United States.It also includes two photographs of Charles Lindbergh's stop at Du Pont Airport in 1927.