Therefore, it inhibits the growth of a caring and just society.

It also undermines the policy of the government to increase participation rate of the women in the labour force.

Malaysia needs to have such national programme to ensure that our workplaces are free from offensive and intimidating environment caused by the spread sexual harassment.

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At the enterprise level, very few employers have so far provided complaints or grievance procedure for reporting sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is one of the most offensive and demeaning experiences an employee can suffer.

Employees and their trade unions have a clear role to play in helping to create a climate at work which is free from sexual harassment.

Employees can do much to discourage sexual harassment by making it clear that they regard such behaviour unwelcome and unacceptable.

There are many others adverse consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace, but what I have mention earlier would suffice to show the potential harm it could bring about.

More and more developed and developing countries have embarked on specific national programmes aimed at preventing and eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace.Trade unions should co-operate with employees in carrying out promotional and educational programmes for the employees and in the implementation of in-house mechanism to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace.The inclusion of specific clauses on sexual harassment in collective agreements as a means of dealing with the problem jointly between the employers and the trade unions has become a common practice in the industrialized countries. Surveys carried out in a number of industrialized countries showed that the proportions of female employees who had been subjected to sexual harassment in those countries ranged from 42 to 70 per cent. Dato' Lim Ah Lek, Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia at the official opening of the National Workshop On Sexual Harassment In The Workplace on 1 March 1999 at Kuala Lumpur).Sexual harassment adversely affects employee morale and job performance.