I decided to grab my photos using a small freeware program called i Explorer (previously i Phone Explorer) which is great for grabbing whole folders from your i Phone and exporting them to a destination of your choice.

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I left the phone doing its thing for a couple of hours, but soon noticed the status bar flatly refused to move.

It had been about 6 hours by this point so I decided it had crashed and held the power and home buttons concurrently to reset the device.

Apple bought the "Face Time" name from Face Time Communications, who changed their name to Actiance, Inc.

was announced on October 20, 2010 at the "Back to the Mac" Media event on the Apple Campus.

If – like me a few days ago – you’re not too sure how the process works (or whether it works at all), today’s article is for you and your peace of mind.

If you’re wondering how safe your phone’s treasure trove of personal data really is then read on.Like any Apple product, the i Phone “just works” right?Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and regardless of what anyone will tell you, i OS is not perfect.Multiple restarts later I decided it was probably time to update the phone’s software, over-the-air.I’m not always the most punctual individual when it comes to updates, and recently I’ve been relying on my phone as more than a communication device.I wasn’t going to take any chances with my most precious data – photos and videos.