Pope embarked on a solo career in early 2012, and released Cassadee Pope EP in May 2012.

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Is cassadee pope dating rian dawson 2016 video

As is the case with most male/female duet pairs, relationship rumors circulate endlessly, and most of this is due to the chemistry that they show on stage – which also helps them make such great music together, but is this the case for Pope and Young? She also revealed that Young and her boyfriend, Rian Dawson, have become very good friends since she’s been working on promoting their duet single. A sign of a fire burning or just a musical match made in heaven?

Both are champions of cutthroat singing competitions and have charted soaring careers in country music, so they have a lot in common, but according to Pope, the pair might just seem “It’s a funny thing, and it means we’re doing our job well.

She also provided guest vocals for The Cab's remix version of their song "Take My Hand" that appeared on Fall Out Boy's mixtape, Welcome to the New Administration, and appeared in the music video for it the following summer of 2009. Hey Monday's first EP Beneath It All was to be released in August 2010; to promote the album the group toured the US and played on the 2010 Warped Tour.

The Christmas EP was released on December 6, 2011, and later that month Hey Monday took an indefinite hiatus on good terms.

The project disbanded before being signed and in 2008, she and Gentile along with Alex Lipshaw, Michael "Jersey" Moriarty, and Elliot James founded the pop punk band Hey Monday.

Hey Monday released their first studio album, Hold on Tight, in October 2008.

Though Cassadee Pope and fiancé Rian Dawson are definitely excited about their upcoming nuptials, the couple says they are in the very preliminary stages of the planning process. “It took me seven years to muster up the courage and strength [to propose].” Pope believes the ceremony won’t take place for another year, seeing as her fiancé spends a lot of time on the road and she’s currently in the process of making new music.

“We’re kind of just taking our time with it,” she says.

Pope wrote two songs and co-wrote the other nine songs.