Lee tried to stick out in the company, but it was uneasy for her due to the circumstances involving her husband and the company.

She decided to retire from the squared circle and her last match took place on the edition of Monday Night Raw, the day after Wrestlemania 31 in 2015.

Former WWE Champ CM Punk claims he never quit the famous wrestling company ...

CM Punk had been dating his now wife, AJ Lee, for some time before he walked out on WWE back in January.

He held a meeting with Vince Mc Mahon and Triple H, told them he was going home, and has yet to return (while claiming he never will).

Lee, whose real name is AJ Mendez, announced Tuesday she will serve as a writer and executive producer on the project.

Production company into a scripted show," said Mendez.

The whole interview is almost 2 hours long -- Punk talks about wrestling with a staph infection for months ...

and how he threatened to sue the company over royalty payments.

The Nerdist's All Star Celebrity Bowling show has offered some pretty fun match ups in the past, as Chris Hardwick and his buddies have taken on folks from Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Mad Men, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and much more.

But the new episode offers one of their most amusing bowling showdowns yet, as Team Nerdist faces off with Team WWE - comprised of CM Punk, AJ Lee, Kofi Kingston and Fandango.

It’s been said that CM Punk even went so far as to block users on twitter who mentioned AJ Lee in messages to him.