On OKCupid, men send 3.5 times as many first messages as women do.Someone did an experiment in Australia on Plenty Of Fish and over 48 hours, the male profile received 2 messages from women while the female profile received 123 messages from men. It’s natural to expect the situation to be worse in a Confucian, patriarchal, male-dominant society like Vietnam, right?

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Growing up in Vietnam, I know that none of my Viet girl friends ever approaches men.

Some Viet girls indeed post this on their profiles: Yet, James still got 13 first messages!

When I told the real James the statistics, he immediately quit his job to move here. The next thing to notice was that while the majority of girls on Tinder in Hanoi are Vietnamese, the majority of guys are foreigners.

If 90% of James’ matches are Viet girls, only 30% of Lauren’s matches are Viet guys.

One fan even claimed that Nia should have “raised her son to love Black women.” Really, it’s not that serious people.

“, I decided to test out the dating scene for white people.

Like, I know you want to get in my pants but I’ll play coy so you can pretend that you care and we can both waste time.

My idea of a perfect conversation on Tinder should be something like this: But of course, life never goes as I wish so I had to put up with Tinder etiquettes. Below is the summary of their stats: The first thing I noticed is the number of matches is ridiculously high for white guys.

February 7, 2017: Twitter is having a MELTDOWN as we speak – after actress Nia Long posted a pic of her teenage son Massai and his date to the winter formal.