But her biggest hit as a songwriter to date is Diamonds - recorded, of course, by Rihanna - which sold over 7.5 million copies in just eight months in 2012/13.In an interview with the New York Times, Sia claimed that it took her just 14 minutes to write the lyrics.

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Wanda Sykes was also on Twitter recently, weighing in on the anti gay line of jokes Tracy Morgan told last week in a Tennessee comedy club.

Among Morgan’s “jokes” were statements that he would kill his own son if he were an effeminate gay man, and that he didn't f*cking care if he pissed off some gays, because “if they can take a f*cking dick up their ass..can take a f*cking joke.” Charming.

Here’s all you need to know about the creative genius.

Singer-songwriter Sia Furler – known professionally as simply Sia – was born into a musical family in Adelaide on 18 December, 1975.

A spokesperson for the bank, Jim Strader, defended the decision to fly the flag, saying the flag symbolizes the "values of being open and inclusive," and that his bank is "a place that doesn't discriminate." The flag has not been removed and Mr.

Marshall has written an opinion article that is scheduled to run on Sunday in With all this heavy news it’s time for something lighter.

AUSSIE Sia has become a familiar face – well, voice – in the pop world thanks to megahits such as Chandelier, Titanium and Cheap Thrills.

But did you know she appeared on Top of the Pops in 2000, or that she used to be a backing singer for Jamiroquai?

The track went top 10 around the world and led to her writing for numerous other artists (see below).