Konrad's knowledge is impressively extensive, and his teaching ability is tremendous.I would recommend this course to any therapist interested in getting a very complete and very understandable orientation to the cardiovascular system as it applies to the work of OT and PT.Besides, dates can be grown in Australia, Mexico, South America, southern Africa, and the United States, especially in southern California, Arizona, and Texas (Chao and Krueger, 2007; Al-Harrasi et al., 2014; Hazzouri et al., 2015).

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I appreciate your enthusiasm and your teaching style – you made the course interesting and engaging. OT New Jersey I thoroughly enjoyed your pulmonary disease course. I have been a PT for 30 years and I love having new information to use and be challenged. Dias, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course.

You presented the material clearly and comprehensively.

He serves on the editorial board of Quaternary Geochronology, as co-leader of the International Quaternary Association’s Drylands Dating Sub-Commission, and as Associate Director of the BGC.

In particular, he has developed innovative applications of uranium-series dating to silica and carbonate soil components to provide ages for geologically youthful surfaces and strata in order to elucidate human physical and cultural evolution, relations between regional and global climate change, and rates of crustal deformation.

This is a highly recommended course for clinicians across all practice settings including acute care, outpatient and home health.

Myles Quiben PT, Ph D, DPT, GCS, NCSI attended Konrad's course in Arlington Virginia.

Your passion for teaching and the medical field is refreshing. Clay, COTA/L Pine Meadow, CTKonrad is a wonderful speaker – His passion and knowledge of the material make a great combination!

OT Augusta Medical Center, Fishersville, Virginia Konrad breaks down the information into sections and rebuilds on the content as you understand each component.

PT from California Thank you for an enlightening seminar. It is an information-packed course that is clinically relevant and practical - from the novice to the expert clinician.