And the cults of the Prostitute of Babylon were other enemies.The Hellenistic Jews opposed the Church, as did apostates, such as the Judaizers, who sought to mix Christianity with keeping the Mosaic Law.The Black Sea represents the woman's head, and the Bosporus represents her throat.

The faith of the Christians in these churches defeated the demons of the Roman Empire so that the Empire and its citizens could be blessed by association.).

The Epistle of Revelation completes the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and covers all future events in the history of the world.

By 70 AD, when the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, the Jewish Client Nation under the Mosaic Law was history. A close look at the geography of the Roman Empire reveals some vivid symbolism.

The Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea represent the head and body of a woman.

Located along the major trade routes to the east with a large harbor at the mouth of the Cayster River, the metropolis of Ephesus was a wealthy center of commerce.

The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Now, lakes, rivers, and bays, in general, symbolize the female while land masses, such as peninsulas symbolize the male.

However, the Black Sea and Mediterranean symbol of the female is quite vivid.

The Christian has Light in contrast to the darkness of Satan's Cosmos Diabolicus.

The number, 7, stands for the completion of a category.

The significance also transcends the Roman Empire because the woman was there before and after the Empire.